Visual Lottery Analyser - Create My Tickets  

Docked to the main interface

As standalone window

With only one click Visual Lottery Analyser can generate for you the best tickets possible, and all of them matching our analysis criteria.

Picking up Quick Pick tickets from lottery store is not a solution to become a winner. Those tickets are just
randomly generated numbers, without any logic applied to them.
Using Create My Tickets feature at least you may have tickets of which numbers are generated with some rules.
Therefore your chances to become a winner are increased.
The only task required on your side is to keep your drawing numbers current, rest will be done by the program.
Shortly, when you run the software then just click on the Create button and that is it, tickets will be created
for you automatically.
In addition you may create/include a tickets with your own numbers as well.

Other feature Tickets Advanced Generator, works with similar way but gives you greater control over how the tickets are generated.

See Create My Tickets Tutorial for more detailed information.

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