Visual Lottery Analyser - Game Hits & Prizes     
Game Prizes & Hits Editor is a part of Games Database where you can store games data such as how games are paid, the cost of a ticket, wagers and hits structure information.

Visual Lottery Analyser already have those information for over 300 games that are in its world games database, but you can use this feature to edit this
data manually, or use to add payouts information for other games.

To obtain required data please refer to your game description.
Most lottery web sites presents game's payout structure, so you can just copy the data from web page.

This feature although is not required to analyze and play lotto, but is very useful to use in conjunction with other software features such as
Check Game Results & Financial & Hits Statistics and tickets creators.
Check Game Results will use its data to check your game balance and count hits.
Financial & Hits Statistics will use its data to calculate financial & hits statistics of all your games.
Create My Tickets and other tickets generators will use Pick Order information to create tickets in the proper way, for example you may select whether to create Straight or 3-Way-Combo tickets etc.
See also Game Hits & Prizes Tutorial for more information how to set up this feature.
Example chart for Pick games:
Example chart for Standard games:
Example chart for Keno games:

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