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Games Database is a collection of your lottery games.
Using this feature you can open a game to analyze, add new game, edit or remove existing game data from your collection.
The following games are supported:
Any standard lottery game including games with a bonus numbers
Pick 3, Pick 4 and Pick 5 games
Visual Lottery Analyser comes with over almost 300 games preinstalled from entire world
You can use Lottery Games World Database tot add a game in seconds

However if you need to set up your custom game then you can do that manually as well, you can easily add your own games and it will take just a moment.
There are two ways to do that:
  • Add game at Games Database window and edit required game's data directly
  • Using Add Game Wizard
Even though these features  have an intuitive interface and are very easy to use, for more detailed information please see also Add Game Wizard Tutorial
or Games Database Tutorial
Games Database also includes Games Hits & Prizes Editor. You will need to set it up with game's payout data and hits structure. For this data you must refer to your game specifications.  However this is not required to perform a game analysis but is useful to use with other software features such as
Check Game Results & Financial & Hits Statistics and tickets creators.
Once you have your game set up then you need to add drawings to a game. Software provides a few ways to do that:
Online Drawings Update, Drawings Manager, Drawings Import plus a few places to add them manually in immediate mode.

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