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Visual Lottery Analyser introduces a new revolutionary approach how to analyze lottery games. A visual presentation of numbers analysis.
One picture is worth more than thousands words and it happened that may be used to analyze lottery games as well.

Instead of looking on columns with numbers that really do not tell too much, you can now know how the numbers goes with just taking one look.

With that knowledge you may take informed decisions, predict as well what numbers use with your tickets.
However this feature is very handy but is not essential to use to generate smart lottery ticket.
If you do not have a time to analyze games then Create My Tickets or Tickets Advanced Generator features may do all the work for you instead.
Please see the Visual Analysis Concept tutorial for more information on how to interpret the visual analysis.
Also take a look on Lottery Game View At Hand tutorial that explains the base of lottery games visualization.
Certainly you may want to take a look on our Game Analysis Suggestions tutorial that how to choose numbers to win lottery.
Also you may review all Analysis Methods available.
You can visually analyze any game, see the drawing numbers occurrences and frequencies:
In a variety of combinations of Hot, Cold, Odd and Even numbers.
In a variety of combinations of numbers above plus Contact and Outside number (only in our software).
In ticket vertical and horizontal lines (only in our software).
In block of numbers. Similar numbers groups
Single numbers and analyze how numbers goes after numbers.
In between previous numbers (only in our software).
In contact with previous numbers (only in our software).
According to the drawing date. Analyze numbers how they occur on a specific day of a week (only in our software).
In contact with ticket numbers (only in our software).
and more.
See also Visual Lottery Analysis Tutorial for more detailed information on how to use this feature.

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