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Wheel Systems are combinations of numbers arranged on the tickets in such a manner that they will have a guaranteed winner
if the drawing results fall within a certain range of numbers.

The sample of an system:
1,2,3,4,9,10 ...
The Visual Lottery Analyser's database contains over 2100 systems!
Due to the download size a full database is available as separate download only.
Most of them are sold separately in the Internet up to few to hundreds of dollars, here you will get them all free!
The whole thing about wheel systems is that you can replace the wheel system numbers with your own, and by that create your destination system.
You can create your destination system using Create My System feature with easy visual way.
The second task of this feature is to reduce your system combinations. Wheel systems may cost a little or a lot.
To lower the cost of using a system you can reduce a system by eliminating some of unnecessary combinations.

If in a game Pick 3 normally you have 1:1000 chance to win, with this software you will have very often a chance like 1:300~400 to pick the winning numbers.
Yes, if you want to use a wheel system you do not have to use all of its combinations anymore.

Using wheels systems cost a lot of money because have a lot of combinations. Here using our software you can filter wheel's system combinations down
by applying the software filters. Therefore you can make wheel systems more affordable.

To do so you can apply to the wheel system our filters. All system's combinations that will not match filters criteria will be eliminated. In the result you will receive a system that cost a lot less.

You can save created system as lottery tickets and later use them with Check Game Results to see what
you have won. Also you can check any wheel system against drawing numbers using Wheel Systems Hits Checker.

See Create My System Tutorial for more information about using this feature.
See Wheel System Editor for more information about editing or importing systems into your database.

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