Visual Lottery Analyser - Online Drawings Update  
Docked to the main interface Standalone window
Using this feature of Visual Lottery Analyser you can download the latest and all past lottery numbers from our server.
We provide current numbers for the biggest lotteries worldwide and almost for all US games!
The feature is very easy to use, just select your game on the list, download last or all past numbers and click the Update Now button to begin.
You can update your drawings on daily basis with the latest numbers just with one click.
If you miss some drawings then you can always download all past numbers and update your database with two mouse clicks only.
Click here to see the list of games that are currently included into our database.
We include one (1) year free of our Online Drawings Update Service subscription with every license.
The Online Drawings Update Service provides access to download recent and past lottery numbers during the term of the subscription.
Renewal of the subscription is optional and does not affect use of the product. Once you have downloaded your all lottery numbers they are yours.

The cost of subscription renewal is $5 per year only .
Users that evaluate the software can download numbers for 5 games.


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