Visual Lottery Analyser - Wheel Systems Hits Checker  

Docked to the main interface

As standalone window

This feature is dedicated to work with the wheel systems. You can check the wheel system against drawing numbers.

To open Hits Checker window, please go to the software main window and click the Hits Checker button located on the ribbon bar within Math Systems group.

To check the wheel systems please follow the following steps
1. Select a system from your Systems Collection list.
2. Open system by double clicking on a system or click the Open System button located at the toolbar.
3. Select the drawing you want to compare your system to from Drawing To Compare group

Selected Drawing
Wheel system is being compared to the selected drawing at Drawings window.
All Drawings
Wheel system is being compared to all game drawings.
This is very useful option which can tell you how the particular wheel system could perform if used all the time.
Randomly Generated
Wheel system is being compared to a drawing numbers randomly generated by the program
My Numbers
Wheel system is being compared to your drawing numbers. To use this option please enter your numbers into a text box located on the bottom
of the Drawing To Compare group. Drawing numbers should be separated by space.

4. To start comparing the wheel system click the Check button located at the toolbar.

Prizes & Hits Results List
Financial results like total Cost, Profit and Balance, Total hits count and hits count for each prize level will be
shown on the prizes & hits results list.

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